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Mar 31 2010 - GTek Motion-Control Engine Powers Touchless Game by Genki Mobile for Mobile Game Devices
Feb 15 2010 - GestureTek Demonstrates Gesture-Control Software with Face & Hand Tracking for Android & Symbian® at Mobile World Congresst
Jan 7 2010 - GestureTek Launches Gesture Control Software for Android® and a New Tracking Engine for Windows® Mobile at the Consumer Electronics Show
Jan 6 2010 - GestureTek Unveils New Software Development Kit to Bring Immersive WebCam-Based Games and Applications to PCs and Other Platforms at CES
Sep 14 2009 - GestureTek’s Optical Tracker Powers New Gesture Control Phone

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GestureTek Mobile Tilt Shake Rock and RollThe patented EyeMo™ allows for gesture-driven interaction on cellular phones or mobile Internet devices.  Using the existing camera on a device and patented gesture-recognition technology, EyeMo measures movement when a user shakes, rocks or rolls their device. This provides the user with "joystick", "mouse" or "force of motion" control. EyeMo can also track a person's hand and body movements in front of the device to enable other forms of gesture-driven user interactivity.

As a software-only solution, EyeMo eliminates cumbersome handset interface issues, is easy to integrate into existing applications and requires a small memory and processor footprint. Compared to accelerometers, EyeMo is more cost-effective, requires no hardware modifications, recognizes large and small movements and enables additional applications.  

Access Applications with Touch-Free Interactivity
A more convenient and intuitive alternative to conventional user interfaces, EyeMo lets you do anything you would normally do with your mobile device without pressing buttons; answer calls, make menu selections, scroll, pan, zoom, turn document pages, shuffle mp3 playlists, navigate maps, browse the Web, even send a text message.

Control Games with Hand Motion
EyeMo enhances the user experience, enabling players to use natural motions for game control; driving, flying, throwing, shooting and fly-casting.

Advanced Motion Tracking Support
Set your phone on the desk and box an opponent or play tennis. Wiggle your fingers in front of your device as the input command. Let the device track your finger position for onscreen ‘point and control’.  Vision-equip the device to recognize faces. The sky’s the limit.

Getting Started With EyeMo

Embedded Handset Opportunities
NTT DoCoMo of Japan embedded EyeMo into its handsets back in 2007.  Today, with EyeMo, over 150 motion-sensing games and applications are available on the NTT DoCoMo network. [Contact us]

Downloadable Applications
Over 100 million handsets are currently enabled with EyeMo, including Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets from manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung.  Full developer tools are available on the Qualcomm Website for the BREW platform, available from carriers such as Verizon, Alltel, Cellular South and KDDI. Selected handsets from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola running Symbian are also supported. [Contact Us]

Gesture User Interfaces
With the addition of applications such as Internet browsers, picture viewers, map applications and rapid text entry applications, GestureTek is leading the way to a fully gestural user interface for all camera-enabled handsets, fully competitive with the higher-cost implementation provided by the iPhone’s touch system. [Contact Us]

EyeMo APIs and SDKs
A convenient environment for authoring EyeMo-enabled applications for over-the-air (OTA )and pre-embedded delivery to mobile devices, the EyeMo Engine Application Programming Interface (API) provides application developers with the means to integrate motion control with applications in much the same way as with current analog controls such as keys and buttons.  EyeMo also provides mobile device manufacturers with an ideal development environment for embedding EyeMo Engine features.  Visit our [Developers Forum]

For the GestureTek Mobile brochure click [here]


GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S patents include 5,534,917 (Video image based control system), 7,058,204 (Multiple camera control system), 7,227,526 (3D-vision image control system), 7,379,563 (Bi-manual movement tracker) and 7,379,566 (Optical flow-based tilt sensor). EyeMobile® is protected under patent TMA 700,194 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for "mobile device application software featuring gesture recognition technology."

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