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Gesturetek Technology Used By Publishers For Motion-Sensing Mobile Games

Aplix - Tokyo, Japan
Jun 30 2008

Aplix Corporation (TSE: 3727) announced today the first release of its latest product, targeted at high growth emerging markets. This integrated product is a complete solution enabling motion-control features, even for low-cost phones, and also supports the deployment of associated applications such as motion-controlled games.

Unlike conventional user input using the phone’s keypad, a motion-control game controller or phone detects movement directly and provides it as input to applications. Hardware support for motion-control, and a several motion-controlled games, are already deployed in a number of mobile phones in the Japanese market.

For emerging markets, where the adoption of mobile phones is rapidly on the rise, demand for content services such as games are strong. However, motion detection has usually required an expensive sensor chip, which has made it very difficult to support these services in markets comprised mainly of low cost phones.

By utilizing the phone’s camera, which is already available on many mobile phones even in cost-sensitive emerging markets, Aplix has enabled motion control for low-end phone models. This has been achieved by licensing GestureTek’s patented, camera based motion control software solution, EyeMobile technology, together with an enhancement to simplify the porting of Japanese content. Motion games such as Bowling, Bass fishing and Jockey have also been supplied from a Japanese game publisher, completing the package as a total solution.

Aplix has already begun commercial discussions with several handset manufacturers for the licensing of this technology. As the solution is wholly software-based and does not require dedicated hardware, phones using this technology are expected to be on the market by the end of this year, if not sooner.

Aplix will continue its creation of solutions for emerging markets, but the impact for this year’s business is expected to marginal, hence the forecast announced on February 15, 2008 will remain unchanged. The impact for next year’s business is also not yet determined. However, we expect the volume of mobile phones to be shipped using this technology to be around 30 to 50 million units.

About GestureTek Mobile
GestureTek Mobile is a world leader in gesture-based user interface for mobile devices and the inventor of the patented, award-winning EyeMobile Engine.  EyeMobile Engine is the world’s first software-only solution that uses the existing camera on a cell phone or mobile Internet device to provide people with the ability to interact with their device using gestures. By shaking, rocking or rolling the phone (or making hand motions in front of the phone) users can answer a call, play mobile games, scroll menus, navigate maps, view images and documents, browse the web, enter text messages and do anything else they would normally do on their mobile device, without pressing buttons.  Licensees of GestureTek’s patents or technologies include Sony for the EyeToy, Microsoft for the XBOX 360 and Hasbro for the ION Educational Gaming System.  GestureTek Mobile’s award wins include the 2008 Mobile Innovation Global Award, the LAPTOP Magazine ‘Best of CTIA’ Award and the NATPE++ Award for the Hottest Mobile Application.  Games powered by the EyeMobile Engine have been recognized by the BREW Game Developer Awards, the International Mobile Gaming Awards and the IGN Editors Choice Awards.  GestureTek Mobile developed the first gesture-recognition software to be embedded in NTT DoCoMo phones in Japan and provided the software for the first gesture-controlled mapping application on a cellphone.  EyeMobile supports many handsets on the JAVA, BREW, SYMBIAN, WINDOWS MOBILE and DOJA platforms. Applications are available for over the air download on the Verizon network.  Full developer tools are available on the Qualcomm website.   A catalogue of turnkey games and applications for multiple platforms are available from the GestureTek mobile site. GestureTek Mobile is a business unit of GestureTek Inc., pioneer, patent-holder and world-leader in computer vision control for presentation and entertainment systems.

About Aplix Corporation
Aplix Corporation is the global leader in deploying JavaTM technology in mobile phones. Aplix was first established in 1986 and has been a Sun Java licensee since 1996. Aplix was publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mothers) in 2003. On August 24, 2004 Aplix and the Taiwan based company iaSolution finalized the integration of the corporations. JBlendTM, the flagship product by Aplix, is a software platform capable of executing smoothly and securely Java applications within digital devices such as mobile phones. Our Java platform is being adopted by the world’s top manufacturers, powering over 455 million mobile devices as of March 2008, and still growing. Headquarters: Tokyo Other offices: San Francisco, Munich, London, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Yokosuka, and Okinawa For more information, please visit:

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GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S patents include 5,534,917 (Video image based control system), 7,058,204 (Multiple camera control system), 7,227,526 (3D-vision image control system), 7,379,563 (Bi-manual movement tracker) and 7,379,566 (Optical flow-based tilt sensor). EyeMobile® is protected under patent TMA 700,194 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for "mobile device application software featuring gesture recognition technology."

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