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NOTE: Qualcomm now owns and licenses all rights in regards to GestureTek's Patents and Technologies for the Consumer Electronics and Mobile Devices Products. Please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate people.

GestureTek’s® award-winning tracking software enables gesture-driven interaction with mobile games and applications. It can be delivered over the air or embedded directly onto camera-enabled mobile devices. Using the device's camera, our gesture control technology provides "joystick", "force of motion" or "menu selection" mobile interaction. Our new Momo™ engine determines interaction by following specific movements or tracking objects such as faces and hands. This is ideal for many mobile games and provides developers with a vast array of options when developing gesture control applications.
Gesture-Based Mobile Gaming Software
Imagine games that respond to hand motions over menu items or game play that is controlled by tracking the position of the user's head.
Gesture-Based Mobile Device Interaction
Play games, answer calls, scroll, pan, zoom, turn pages and browse the web – all without pressing a button or touching a screen.

GestureTek’s gesture control mobile gaming and navigation software is more cost effective than hardware-based accelerometer solutions. A mobile user interface based on gesture-recognition is more natural and intuitive than traditional button presses. GestureTek technologies have international patent protection. U.S patents include 5,534,917 (Video image based control system), 7,058,204 (Multiple camera control system), 7,227,526 (3D-vision image control system), 7,379,563 (Bi-manual movement tracker) and 7,379,566 (Optical flow-based tilt sensor). EyeMobile® is protected under patent TMA 700,194 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for "mobile device application software featuring gesture recognition technology.

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